NID811 is here to aid communications between excavators and underground facility owners (who are members of the NID811) for excavations planned in North Idaho Benewah, Bonner, Boundary, and Shoshone Counties ONLY. 

The law requires notification of excavation and location of the underground facilities at least two (2) business days prior to excavating.

Those who choose to ignore the danger of digging blindly or failing to familiarize themselves with damage prevention may be facing legal enforcement and fines.

Note that communications can only be provided to facility owners who are Members of NID811. Excavators will themselves have to communicate directly with facility owners who are not Members, including the owners of private lines.

Excavators include those who move the earth with non-mechanical or powered equipment. These excavators may work for city, municipal, county or state governments or contracting companies. Excavators can include landscaping or fence companies, owners of underground facilities and even homeowners.

There are two ways to submit a ticket to NID811:

  1. Online tickets can be submitted by clicking the “Web Ticket Portal” button below. Login, complete the form and simply submit at your convenience.
  2. Tickets may be submitted by phone by calling 811 or 866-242-5844 at least two full business days prior to an excavation

No matter which option you choose, notifying utility members will allow them to mark their lines.  The utility owners or their locating contractors will come out and mark your proposed excavation site for FREE so you can dig safely.

Make sure to provide us with the following information about your project:

  • Address
  • Who the work is being done for
  • Type of work
  • How long it will take
  • Any special instructions needed to make sure the right area gets marked

We will then provide you with a reference number that serves as proof of your call.  In addition, NID811 will keep a complete record of your call to verify your compliance with the law

Member Sign Up

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